New Zealand Owned and Operated with all products shipped to you from here in New Zealand


How can I get a good fit with the items I want to purchase?

Renegade NZ has extensive knowledge in the fitting of US products for New Zealanders.    Check out the Care and Sizing page for size conversions.  If you are still unsure leave a message with us in the Contact Us page and we will try to help you through the process.  Discuss your needs with us and give us as much information as possible to ensure you get the correct fit first the time.


Do you have a store where we can visit to buy directly from your shop?

Renegade NZ does not operate a retail shop.  However if you go to the Contact Us page and check if someone is available to show you our product range then you are welcome to arrange to call in and purchase anything you need.


Can I buy your products locally in the area I live in?

Renegade NZ is the only retailer of the products available on this website.


I have wide feet and find that I have difficulty finding footwear that fits comfortably.  Do you have cowboy boots that will fit me?

Yes, it is highly likely we will be able to accommodate your needs.  We only stock Extra Wide (EW) boots for our men’s boot range and in some cases are able to do this in the women’s range of boots for selected styles with a Wide (W) boot.  We only bring the D width or a narrow foot boot on request as a Special Order.  We can supply extreme sizes for some of the men's styles in sizes now go up to 16-EW.


If I buy something from you from this website can I return the goods for any reason?

Yes, under certain circumstances we will accept goods for return and exchange.  Check out the Returning Goods page for a full explanation of this.


What is the best way to look after my hat or boots?

Check out the appropriate Care and Sizing Page and there is a full explanation on the best ways to look after your purchase and to help extend its usable life.


I have goods that a friend sent me from the USA but don’t fit.  Will Renegade NZ buy this unwanted product from me?

Sorry, but we don’t buy unwanted goods even if they are from our suppliers.  We don't have a licence to sell Second Hand Goods even if they are in new condition as New Zealand Law determines that these items are Second Hand.  Try Trade Me or the classifieds within the various clubs around New Zealand.


I can’t find what I am looking for or need on your website or any other website.  Can you help me?

Chances are we can.  We only stock a small amount of our regular suppliers’ products here in New Zealand and in all cases the actual range of product available from our suppliers is huge.  Give me as much detail about the item you are looking for and if you can any product codes, this will help greatly.  We have access to suppliers that do not supply directly to the public and only supply to retailers within the USA or importers such as ourselves. 

Also please refer to our Special Orders in the Renegade NZ Policies page and check on the requirements for bringing in something different from our regular product range.


What do the X’s mean in my hat?

These X’s denote the quality of your hat.  The more X’s then the higher quality. 

The X’s are not the multiplication sign, so it does not mean ‘Two Times’ for a 2X but is said as ‘TWO ECKS’

For Wool Felt hats these are usually 2X and up to 4X when blended with something like Angora Wool.  Fur Felt hats usually start at 5X and are mostly a fur blend.  For Bailey Hats 6X and upward are a Beaver Fur and from 100X are blended with Sable or other high end furs.

For Straw Hats the more X’s means that the weave of the hat is finer.  So a 4X Bangora has a rougher texture and courser weaves than a 20X Straw.