New Zealand Owned and Operated with all products shipped to you from here in New Zealand

Payment Methods

Listed below are a number of payment methods for you to choose from.  Please choose which option best suites you during the checkout procedure.


Credit Card

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards only.  When selecting this payment option please do not send your credit card details by e-mail as we are not operating a secure payment system for accepting credit card payments.  Please indicate a time to phone which is convenient for you along with a contact phone number and you will be called by us to take down your credit card details.

Your credit card number is held for one week after your order has been shipped after which it will be made illegible so as to not be able to be read.  This is a security precaution only and is a requirement made by the credit card processing company for us to be able to complete card not present transactions.

You will receive a copy of the invoice for your order as well and a copy of the transaction receipt from our eft-pos machine will be stapled to your invoice.


Internet Banking

On selecting this option you will be e-mailed an invoice shortly after submitting your order.  There will be a highlighted section of the invoice containing the bank account details to which payment for your order should be made into.  Please use either your surname or the invoice number as your transaction reference.

Depositing manually funds for your order at any Westpac branch is also the same process for internet banking.  Please note that payment by cheque will not immediately show up as a same day transaction and no orders will be shipped until your cheque has been cleared.


Payment by Cheque

We are happy to accept payment by cheque however no orders will be shipped until your cheque has been received by us and the cheque has been cleared for payment by the bank.

Once payment has been made and all cheques have been cleared your order will be shipped to you and the Track and Trace Number for your order will be given to you.


Thank you for your order.